In Flames at Revolution… Feb. 4, 2013

Been awhile everyone! Over the past year almost I got to see many bands and unfortunately I did not review them here on the Joscau Review. But times are a changin’ and I’m ready to start afresh. Many new shows coming up including 2 of my faves: Meshuggah next week in Orlando and Bon Jovi shortly too, So….

Luckily I got there right when the 3rd of 5 bands performed. I missed the local opener who I don’t know the name of or care about as well as Battlecross who I am not familiar with as well. The 3rd act was All Shall Perish. All Shall Perish are a deathcore band who are extremely generic but they sound tight and have some crushing riffs and breakdowns. The last opener was Demon Hunter. Demon Hunter remind me of a mix between Disturbed and any metalcore band. There heavier moments were good but could not makeup for thte Nickelback like crooning of their lead singer during softer moments.

So In Flames comes on. In Flames was one of the first “heavier” metal bands I listened to back in like 2000 and they introduced me really to death metal and especially the more melodic twin guitar attack side of it. There first 5-6 albums are just genre classics like Whoracle, Colony and The Jester Race. This is my 3rd time, well really 2nd time seeing them live. The 2nd doesnt count cause I caught like the last song on Ozzfest. I saw them first at House of Blues with a few other bands and it was awesome back in 2004ish. Their setlist was good. It ranged from older Colony based stuff through new albums. I personally don’t mind their newer stuff but its not that great.

RATING: 6/10

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