Podcasts, Pandora, Lions, Tigers and Bears…

As an avid collector of music, sometimes it really takes some effort to find new artists/bands/songs that I may like. I go through different moods with my genre tastes. Lately I’ve been in an Industrial/EBM/Synthpop mood. For those who don’t have a freaking clue what that is which is probably 90% of you. EBM/Darkwave whatever you wanna call it is a sub-genre of Industrial dance music. Basically think techno electronica but on the evil side of it I guess. You will never hear this music on the radio/MTV whatever. Really the only public access you will have to it is at a club which are few and far between although they definitely exist in any major city or… through Pandora and other online radio programs. Other then that word of mouth is another source. I “discovered” this music about 10-12 years ago browsing through one of my fave local cd stores, which ironically doesn’t exist anymore and on the stereo overhead I heard something magical. I’m like, “what is this awesomeness?” The girl replied, “It’s Aslan Faction.” i bought the cd right there for a whopping $19. The most I’ve ever spent on a regular cd lol. Although it didn’t change my life it sure opened my world into a new genre of music.

Anyways,  my point is that it’s so hard finding new music that I like cause I just happen to not normally like POPular music much. So after many years talking to people and going to the goth clubs to find new music, Pandora radio emerged. Now Pandora is great but they end up playing the same music by the same bands a lot. I haven’t really heard much I haven’t heard before and if i had it’s just the same band with another song. SO recently through a friend I discovered Podcasts. As an Apple fan I’ve always known of them but was a lil’ intimidated cause I just didn’t know what Podcasts to listen to. He told me of one run by a few DJ’s from a very popular club in Tampa called The Castle. I downloaded the first 1.5 hour ep. onto my iPod and from the very beginning I was hooked. Bands I’ve never heard of  came on and blew me away. I just recently downloaded a few more episodes and they are great. I’ve been “Shazaming” the bands I wanna check out for future play too.  They play the music, talk about it or whatever else is on their minds and continue. No holds barred. Great stuff. So Podcasts are my new thing. I am going to be on the lookout for newer casts all the time now. Just great stuff.

Communion After Dark


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