Marduk and Moonspell at Culture Room… Mar 15, 2013

So this was a last moment kinda show. I definitely wasn’t planning on going but a friend was and I can’t resist a concert lol. Unfortunately there were 4 opening bands who I could totally care less of. So that means 2 hours of waiting around. Moonspell is a band I saw open for Opeth back in like 2004ish in Orlando. They were ok then nothing special. Once again they were ok. Some songs were definitely good for some headbanging but nothing you’d wanna see again. Finally Marduk comes on at like 11pm and I really didn’t have much time to stay because we had to be somewhere else and this concert was going on and on. So I think we stayed for about 5 Marduk songs and left. Marduk FYI is a legendary black metal band from Sweden. Typical corpse paint and pretty standard non-melodic super fast riffing. Not really my thing. There are only a few black metal bands I enjoy and they are on the more melodic side of things for the most part. Dimmu Borgir, Immortal, Cradle of Filth YES PLEASE. So overall it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good. It was just kinda meh and we had to leave early 😦

DEFTONES show tomorrow. YAY

photo 2 photo 5

RATING: 3/10


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