Deftones at Fillmore Miami… Mar 19, 2013

Deftones.. A band I like a lot. Do I love them? No, but I do enjoy them a lot. Will I say White Pony is one of my favorite all time albums? Yes, I will!  I have seen the Deftones on 2 other occasions. Once in 2003 in Orlando where Poison The Well opened. It was a good show from what I remember but I don’t recall a whole lot from that show besides a lot of craziness. The second time was during Family Values Tour 2006 with Korn. I don’t like seeing a band like Deftones in a large amphitheater. You can never get the same feel of a smaller more refined venue like Fillmore. So that experience wasn’t as good or memorable. This show was a lot of fun. First off a friend got us VIP access so we not only got in for free and up front for the show but also backstage, which I have never done before. I got to meet all the members of the band besides the guitarist Stephen Carpenter. The show itself was awesome. We pre-gamed it and had a few drinks inside so I was feeling pretty good. I didn’t recognize a few tracks because I kinda don’t know the last 2 album  s as much as I do the older stuff and latest one. I wish they played Knife Party 😦 It was a lot of fun, I even got into a pit for a lil pit, which i barely ever do. I almost lost/broke my glasses from some crowd surfer jumping on top of me. Also, me and another friend almost got into a fight twice with the same sweaty fat drunk fuck. They closed with 7 words, which is an amazing live song. Overall very good varied set with a few missing gems.


  1. Encore:

RATING: 8/10


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