Summah Concertos

So finally decided to post something new here. There are a few upcoming shows I am pretty excited about. Next Sunday I will finally see Marilyn Manson. Do I enjoy his last 3 albums, absolutely not but Manson is one of those bands I have been wanting to see for many years and the opportunity or $ has always come up short. So finally I will be seeing them in all their hopeful glory? This is really the first time I’ve seen Manson headline a show in awhile. Every time they have come down here it has been on a festival or co-headlining run so I am hoping for good things and I can finally cross Manson off my concert to see list.

The next show which is the next Saturday is Warped Tour. There are actually about 15 or so bands I need to see, which is quite a lot for a one day event. This will be my 3rd Warped Tour and 2nd one going by myself. Its a double edged sword. Negatively I don’t get to hang with or enjoy the show with friends but… I do get to see whatever band I want and do what I want at any particular time without worrying about anyone else, which is nice. The bands I really wanna see are: Architects, Attila, Blessthefall, Sleeping With Sirens, Ice Nine Kills, Like Moths To Flames, Memphis May Fire, Silverstein, The Amity Affliction, The Ataris, The Chariot, While She Sleeps, and Woe Is Me.

These are the bands I don’t mind seeing again that are playing Warped Tour: August Burns Red, Chiodos, Bring Me The Horizon, Hawthorne Heights and The Used.

There are a few others I’m sure..


So that’s really it for Summer for right now. I also got tix to see Sigur Ros on my birthday in October. Definitely excited for that. They are not a band that tours around here too often. IN fact  I’ve never seen them on a tour listing for FL ever.


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