Nine Inch Nails at BB&T Center… Sunrise FL

Hello to all my friends and people who might actually look at my pointless blog 🙂 It’s been a few months since I last posted anything. I have actually seen atleast 5 or 6 concerts since then but just have not had the time or the want to rant about them unfortunately.  However, after last nights show I feel the need to speak once again.

This show was an unexpected thing. I have seen NIN twice before and although I wanted to go I had no desire to pay $115 for a ticket coming off seeing Depeche Mode, which was a super expensive ticket in September. The first time I saw the band was a great experience. It was at a huge festival outdoors and NIN closed the show. They played about 15 songs but they were all good. The second time I saw NIN was not that great. They opened for Janes Addiction for some weird reason, it was still daylight and their setlist got cut quite short and I wasn’t too impressed by their stage show that time.

This time was NIN just by themselves finally in an indoor arena. They played over 25 songs and they had absolutely one of the best visual show setups I have ever seen. Just phenomenal. I would’ve given the show a lower rating due to the very biased song selection towards the new album but because of the actual stage setup I didn’t mind seeing any of the songs performed. Also, we were dead center about 10-15 back from the stage so we had a great spot the whole time. Definitely the closest I’ve ever been for NIN.

  1. Encore:
  2. (with Gary Numan)
  3. (Gary Numan cover) (with Gary Numan)
  4. Hurt

RATING: 10/10


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