Winter Is Coming…

OK I have been totally overrun by concerts this month and going into the next 2. This Saturday I am seeing Sleigh Bells. I can’t really describe them but they mix metal riffs with electronics and pop but not really? They are just something you have to hear to understand. The guitarist was originally in one of my favorite local hardcore/screamo bands, Poison The Well. So I am really looking forward to that show tomorrow.

The next show after that is actually on Monday. It is GWAR with White Chapel. Both 2 awesome live bands who I have seen. White Chapel is a deathcore band. Actually one of the best in the genre. GWAR probably puts on one of the best live shows ever. This will be my 3rd time seeing them. I don’t really care for their music but the show alone is worth it. Plenty of fake gore, decapitations and red food colored water sprayed on the audience. It’s complete madness!

After that December 7th I get to see Morbid Angel for the third time. (This year is full of seeing bands 3x 🙂 )  They are performing Covenant in full because it is the freaking 20th anniversary of that album! Morbid Angel is my favorite death metal band. Trey Azagthoth is also one of my favorite guitarists ever.

The next show is December 10th. It is The Devil Wears Prada with The Ghost Inside, Volumes and Texas In July. I have seen Devil Wears.. a few times. They are amazing live and their new album kicks ass. I am also really excited to see the 3 openers since I am a fan of them and have never seen any of them live.

For this year thats about it. Next year I know Amon Amarth is here with SkeletonWitch and Enslaved. Gonna be an epic metal show there!


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