GWAR at Revolution Ft. Lauderdale… November 4, 2013

After seeing a band more then once or twice that I was super excited to see I normally am not uber excited to see that said band again. However, going to a Gwar show is no ordinary concert experience. Anyways, before the show my friend who is friends with the band met up with us at an Irish Bar. We were introduced to David Brockie aka Oderus Urungus aka lead singer of Gwar. We hung out, had a few drinks. Super cool guy. White Chapel opened the show. I like White Chapel. They are a deathcore band that I have seen twice before. My friends on the other hand were not too into them. Kinda just watched from the side. They only played like 30 minutes.

OK, back to Gwar!  So Gwar’s music is ehhhh ok when you listen to the albums. The exciting part about Gwar is their live show. For some reason the music just makes more sense and actually sounds good lol. They all wear these crazy costumes and have different characters and other weird shit on stage. The fun thing is all the fake blood and ooze that gets onto you. You literally get covered in cold wet stuff. Its part of the experience and if you don’t know that going into a Gwar show.. you are gonna be in for a super surprise. Every time I get sprayed in the face with that fake ooze I had a huge super smile on my face. This is the third time I’ve seen them and it doesn’t get old.

Their show is sooo much fun. People bouncing around. Crazy fun stage show with decapitations of fake popes, Justin Biebers, Hitler, etc… I cannot not recommend going to see Gwar atleast once. I will see them again and again and again…

1395311_10151683141841496_164645848_n 1426204_10151683142011496_386298228_n

  1. Encore:
  2. (Billy Ocean cover)
  3. (The Who cover)

RATING: 9/10


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