The Virus at Churchills Pub Miami… November 15, 2013

Honestly, I am not really a big punk fan. I mean yes I love Rancid, The Clash and the Misfits but for fast current “punk” music I am not a fan. It all just kinda sounds the same and gets annoying after awhile. I had no clue who the Virus was is a week before this show. I do enjoy a good show and I love Churchills so I decided to go. After 4 horrible local punk bands opened, The Virus went on at like fucking 1230am!  Like seriously? The show didn’t even end till 2am. The music was mehhhh alright. The punk fans are a bunch of asses. They all smell and are extremely rude and immature. Metal fans not much better have a lil more decency in the way they go about things. I won’t say I had a horrible time but it wasn’t really a show I need to see again.

RATING: 2/10


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