Books, Books, Shows…?

Hi all,

Been kinda not in the mood to post concert reviews lately. Well also since I’ve only been to a few this year I just really haven’t had much to say. I did finally get to see Carcass as well as Skeletonwitch and Enslaved who opened for Amon Amarth. So that’s definitely some bands off my bucket list that I needed to see in the land o METAL. Other than that I’ve been spending a lot of my free time doing 1 of 3 exciting things in boredom. I’ve either been reading, watching tv series on netflix or watching shitty horror or martial arts movies.

As far as books, which has definitely been my passion in the last few years since I am just so sick of the state of the Hollywood movie industries decision to choose quantity over quality and special effects over a good or original story. I mean how many remakes can be made? Why ruin something that’s already good. I can count on my one hand the remakes that I thought were any good which would include: The Thing, The Blob and um…. that’s about it. Why remake Robocop? Why remake Nightmare on Elm Street? I don’t get it. They always suck. You can’t remake a classic piece of cinema. Why can’t these studios create original stories? Oh I know why. Because people are fucking idiots and want remakes and special effects. Fuck that shit.

Anyways, as far as books… I finally got into A Song of Ice and Fire, which to those who do not know is the turned into a HBO tv series “Game of Thrones”. I attempted the book a long time ago but was very intimidated by the amount of characters and the fact I’m just not that into high fantasy with knights, dragons, etc.. So I did watch the first 3 seasons of the show and really enjoyed it. It took awhile to get into especially since the first season and first book is all political basically and about character development. The final 25% of the book and show is pretty awesome. I just started the second book and hope to finish all 5 current books before starting the 4th season which airs in a few months. Besides that book series I am also loving the “Pines” series, “Wool” series and I just finished the “Divergent” series as well.

As far as shows go I am in the middle of season 5 of Sons of Anarchy and near the finale of Twin Peaks on Netflix. I need to find some new amazing series to watch next. I’m gonna try House of Cards, and hopefully some other awesome shows after this. I really love a good quality series. It allows for plenty of character development and huge epic stories which most movies in 90 minutes just don’t have time for.


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