Ghost at Revolution Live Ft. Lauderdale… May 7, 2014

So the night after seeing the Faint perform to an amazing set, Ghost performed at Revolution Live. Now, Ghost isn’t a band that has been around too long but they do have a very loyal cult following. Once again another band that doesn’t really fit into a genre but because I will attempt it they are in the “progressive metal meets classic rock” genre? Ghost’s members include lead singer, Papa Emeritus II and the unnamed ghouls ie, the band lol. They are a very thematic band with all satanic lyrics. In fact, while waiting for them to come on stage everyone was chanting Satan, Satan, Satan. LOL, I’ve been to a lot of shows but never heard people chant that 🙂

As far as the musical aspect goes. Ghost does not disappoint. Very, very talented Swedish musicians with amazing riffs and super catchy choruses. I have always been curious if the members were in any other famous swedish metal bands before. The singer is actually Italian and has a beautiful voice, which I guess you wouldn’t expect from a dude in skull makeup and pope’s wear. The only thing I did not enjoy about this show is the crowded factor. I felt like a salmon in a sardine can but it doesn’t take away from the rating for this show. Having only 2 albums they played everything you would wanna hear including my favorite, Ritual!

10329236_10152023564501496_7971304144062216860_n 10313551_10152023564081496_7069031676828968225_n

  1. (The Beatles cover)
  2. (Roky Erickson cover)
  3. Encore:

RATING: 9/10


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