Combichrist with William Control at Respectable Street, W. Palm Beach… May 9, 2014

Usually going into a concert, I have a perfect image of what I want the setlist to be. After you see a band 2 or 3 times and hear most of their back catalogue you kinda lose that desire. I have seen Combichrist maybe 4 or 5 times now so to me I really didn’t care what they played. It’s probably a good thing since most of the songs were newer even though they did play a few favorites like Blut Royale and Shut up and swallow. The best part about some of these smaller venue shows is the camaraderie amongst fans. Everyone really seemed into the show and was having a great time. It was quite crowded but not too ridiculous. The opener was William Control who used to be in the band Aiden. Ironically, he sounds nothing like he does as a former member of that band. In this case, it’s a good thing.  I have been following his music for the past year or so and really enjoyed it. He put on a good show and was a great opener 🙂

Unfortunately I was having too good of a time to take any great pics.. oh well!?!?


  1. Encore:

RATING: 8/10


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