February 28, 2012

Hi my name is Josh. Nice to meet you. I am a graphic designer by profession and wanted to create a blog/site to talk about a few of my favorite passions…

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed music and movies. Both media formats take me to a place where I can escape from the real world for a short amount of time. For about the last 12 years of my life I have enjoyed going to concerts and seeing some of my favorite bands live. I really have always regretted not doing this much before my college years as I have missed a few artists/bands that either don’t exist anymore or who are not in their primes. I go to about 20-30 shows a year on average and I always enjoy sharing my experience with others so what better way to do that then to write a blog about each show as well as anything else “musical” on my mind. I am a very, very harsh critic of concerts/music just due to the fact that I have seen so many bands live.

On the other side of things. I am also a great movie lover. I must admit that in the past 10 years if not longer movies have lost their “sparkle” to me and I just don’t enjoy them as much as I do reading a book. I feel that Hollywood has a lot to do with it being more money hungry and special effect awe factored then anything as well as many other factors I will go into at a future interval. When I do feel a movie deserves some recognition then I will talk about it or just my love for certain genres or movies in general.

I hope you enjoy my adventures…

Josh A.


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