Marilyn Manson at Fillmore Miami… July 21, 2013

So I have been waiting years and years to see Manson in concert. In fact, I really believe even before seeing this show I may of waited way too many years. Either way, I was super excited to finally see the band. I have been listening to Marilyn Manson probably since Mechanical Animals came out in the late 90s. I guess I was a lil late to the Manson craze before only knowing really Beautiful People. Anyways since Mechanical Animals I have been a fan. I’ve had numerous chances of seeing them live in the past but just always had something going on I guess. I will say his last 3 albums have been less then memorable…

So after one horrible opening band, Manson comes on. The only realy remaining members of the band are Manson and Jordie aka Twiggy. Although Twiggy now plays guitar not bass. The setlst wasn’t too terrible. I mean yeah, I wish I heard a few particular tracks including: Tourniquet, The Nobodies, Great Big White World, and a few others. I did like that they played 4 songs off of Antichrist though. I will also say hearing the Golden Age of Grotesque songs live were way better then I remember them being on the album. I hate hearing bands play covers but Manson does a good job normally. Sweet Dreams is just a staple in their setlist. As far as the show goes I thought it was pretty half assed. Manson seemed tired and bored and the imagery and backgrounds were cheap and kinda lame for todays standards. Mansons props and costumes were cool but I definitely think they could’ve benefited from a nice LED screen ala Tool or something. In the end I am happy I went and am glad I finally saw them live but just wish it was 13 years earlier.

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  1. (Depeche Mode cover)
  2. (Eurythmics cover)

RATING: 7/10


Summah Concertos

So finally decided to post something new here. There are a few upcoming shows I am pretty excited about. Next Sunday I will finally see Marilyn Manson. Do I enjoy his last 3 albums, absolutely not but Manson is one of those bands I have been wanting to see for many years and the opportunity or $ has always come up short. So finally I will be seeing them in all their hopeful glory? This is really the first time I’ve seen Manson headline a show in awhile. Every time they have come down here it has been on a festival or co-headlining run so I am hoping for good things and I can finally cross Manson off my concert to see list.

The next show which is the next Saturday is Warped Tour. There are actually about 15 or so bands I need to see, which is quite a lot for a one day event. This will be my 3rd Warped Tour and 2nd one going by myself. Its a double edged sword. Negatively I don’t get to hang with or enjoy the show with friends but… I do get to see whatever band I want and do what I want at any particular time without worrying about anyone else, which is nice. The bands I really wanna see are: Architects, Attila, Blessthefall, Sleeping With Sirens, Ice Nine Kills, Like Moths To Flames, Memphis May Fire, Silverstein, The Amity Affliction, The Ataris, The Chariot, While She Sleeps, and Woe Is Me.

These are the bands I don’t mind seeing again that are playing Warped Tour: August Burns Red, Chiodos, Bring Me The Horizon, Hawthorne Heights and The Used.

There are a few others I’m sure..


So that’s really it for Summer for right now. I also got tix to see Sigur Ros on my birthday in October. Definitely excited for that. They are not a band that tours around here too often. IN fact  I’ve never seen them on a tour listing for FL ever.

Deftones at Fillmore Miami… Mar 19, 2013

Deftones.. A band I like a lot. Do I love them? No, but I do enjoy them a lot. Will I say White Pony is one of my favorite all time albums? Yes, I will!  I have seen the Deftones on 2 other occasions. Once in 2003 in Orlando where Poison The Well opened. It was a good show from what I remember but I don’t recall a whole lot from that show besides a lot of craziness. The second time was during Family Values Tour 2006 with Korn. I don’t like seeing a band like Deftones in a large amphitheater. You can never get the same feel of a smaller more refined venue like Fillmore. So that experience wasn’t as good or memorable. This show was a lot of fun. First off a friend got us VIP access so we not only got in for free and up front for the show but also backstage, which I have never done before. I got to meet all the members of the band besides the guitarist Stephen Carpenter. The show itself was awesome. We pre-gamed it and had a few drinks inside so I was feeling pretty good. I didn’t recognize a few tracks because I kinda don’t know the last 2 album  s as much as I do the older stuff and latest one. I wish they played Knife Party 😦 It was a lot of fun, I even got into a pit for a lil pit, which i barely ever do. I almost lost/broke my glasses from some crowd surfer jumping on top of me. Also, me and another friend almost got into a fight twice with the same sweaty fat drunk fuck. They closed with 7 words, which is an amazing live song. Overall very good varied set with a few missing gems.


  1. Encore:

RATING: 8/10

Marduk and Moonspell at Culture Room… Mar 15, 2013

So this was a last moment kinda show. I definitely wasn’t planning on going but a friend was and I can’t resist a concert lol. Unfortunately there were 4 opening bands who I could totally care less of. So that means 2 hours of waiting around. Moonspell is a band I saw open for Opeth back in like 2004ish in Orlando. They were ok then nothing special. Once again they were ok. Some songs were definitely good for some headbanging but nothing you’d wanna see again. Finally Marduk comes on at like 11pm and I really didn’t have much time to stay because we had to be somewhere else and this concert was going on and on. So I think we stayed for about 5 Marduk songs and left. Marduk FYI is a legendary black metal band from Sweden. Typical corpse paint and pretty standard non-melodic super fast riffing. Not really my thing. There are only a few black metal bands I enjoy and they are on the more melodic side of things for the most part. Dimmu Borgir, Immortal, Cradle of Filth YES PLEASE. So overall it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good. It was just kinda meh and we had to leave early 😦

DEFTONES show tomorrow. YAY

photo 2 photo 5

RATING: 3/10

Podcasts, Pandora, Lions, Tigers and Bears…

As an avid collector of music, sometimes it really takes some effort to find new artists/bands/songs that I may like. I go through different moods with my genre tastes. Lately I’ve been in an Industrial/EBM/Synthpop mood. For those who don’t have a freaking clue what that is which is probably 90% of you. EBM/Darkwave whatever you wanna call it is a sub-genre of Industrial dance music. Basically think techno electronica but on the evil side of it I guess. You will never hear this music on the radio/MTV whatever. Really the only public access you will have to it is at a club which are few and far between although they definitely exist in any major city or… through Pandora and other online radio programs. Other then that word of mouth is another source. I “discovered” this music about 10-12 years ago browsing through one of my fave local cd stores, which ironically doesn’t exist anymore and on the stereo overhead I heard something magical. I’m like, “what is this awesomeness?” The girl replied, “It’s Aslan Faction.” i bought the cd right there for a whopping $19. The most I’ve ever spent on a regular cd lol. Although it didn’t change my life it sure opened my world into a new genre of music.

Anyways,  my point is that it’s so hard finding new music that I like cause I just happen to not normally like POPular music much. So after many years talking to people and going to the goth clubs to find new music, Pandora radio emerged. Now Pandora is great but they end up playing the same music by the same bands a lot. I haven’t really heard much I haven’t heard before and if i had it’s just the same band with another song. SO recently through a friend I discovered Podcasts. As an Apple fan I’ve always known of them but was a lil’ intimidated cause I just didn’t know what Podcasts to listen to. He told me of one run by a few DJ’s from a very popular club in Tampa called The Castle. I downloaded the first 1.5 hour ep. onto my iPod and from the very beginning I was hooked. Bands I’ve never heard of  came on and blew me away. I just recently downloaded a few more episodes and they are great. I’ve been “Shazaming” the bands I wanna check out for future play too.  They play the music, talk about it or whatever else is on their minds and continue. No holds barred. Great stuff. So Podcasts are my new thing. I am going to be on the lookout for newer casts all the time now. Just great stuff.

Communion After Dark

Bon Jovi at BBT Center… Mar. 2, 2013

Let me start out by saying, I have been a fan of Bon Jovi and hair metal since I could remember. I grew up as an 80’s child listening and watching MTV videos and was always fascinated by the energy and craziness of 80’s hair metal. I even remember getting Bon Jovi’s New Jersey album after seeing the video for Lay Your Hands On Me back in the late 80s. Even into the 90’s Bon Jovi still put out some amazing songs but I do feel after It’s My Life off of Crush is when their music made a turn for the worse really. Anyways I have been waiting quite some time to see them live. I really didn’t wanna spend a ton of $ for this show so I bought a side rear seat and for $40 it was well worth it. Yes some of the time I couldn’t see cause these giant moving pillars and yes the band was faced towards the front “most” of the time but it was still a great experience. One of the most elaborate “rock” stage shows I’ve seen with moving column screens, moving lights all over the place and a very cool stage. The sound was dead on. The tones and music was all at perfect volume. The crowd seemed super energetic with plenty of older rockers and plenty of their kids. I actually felt kinda the oddball out honestly. Unfortunately Bon Jovi is putting out a new album, which of course they were promoting with this tour so they played a 1/4 of the concert in new songs, which were all…bad. They also played a few other tracks I may of heard but it’s newer garbage. The meat was in the old stuff. I heard almost everything I wanted to hear, You Give Love A Bad Name, Bad Medicine, I’ll Be There For You, Living On A Prayer, Runaway, It’s My Life, Keep The Faith, Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night, Wanted Dead or Alive and also my FAAAAVEE, Born To Be My Baby. Yes they played my favorite song and it was fantastic! Just to hear those 9 or 10 songs was worth the concert alone. The band seemed really stoked to be there and Jon Bon Jovi is quite the enigmatic stage man even for his older age now.

  1. Encore:
  2. Encore 2:

RATING: 9/10

Meshuggah at Beacham… Feb. 11, 2013

Yesterday me and 2 of my friends took to the long open road to Orlando to see a band that  I have been wanting to see live for many years. First off I haven’t been to Orlando in many years let alone spend time back in the UCF area so it was quite nostalgic. I never really got into the night life much when I was there and never spent much time downtown. Let me tell you Orlando is pretty kick ass. Downtown was poppin’ for a Tuesday night and there seemed to be many cool bars and places to go. I used to go to 2 main venues in O-town. Hard Rock and House of Blues. Going to a new venue was quite nice. Beacham is right smack in the mid of downtown and I gotta say was pretty awesome. Good sound, plenty of bars inside, and a good venue for shows. It was sooooo packed. Not hard enough to move but pretty much at the boiling point.

We pre-gamed it so we missed the opener Intronaut who I could care less about. My friends wanted to see Animals As Leaders so we made perfect timing for that. This is the 3rd time I’ve seen em so I didn’t care too much. They are good live but never as impressive as the first time I saw them. Meshuggah went on after and just blew away the crowd. Their sound was soooooo perfect. Very heavy, if not so more live! Just dead on. The lead singer Jens’ voice was a lil weak in the end though but instrumentally they were soooo good.There simple light setup was perfect for Meshuggah with blinking lights moving and going off after every heavy riff. The setlist was where I thought it felt a tad short. It was a lot of newer stuff and things I didn’t really know too well, but because it’s Meshuggah and they sounded so good I still loved this show.

582698_10151237284091496_1971584351_n 377726_10151237284421496_1433466081_n

  1. Mind’s Mirrors
  2. Encore:
  3. (Instrumental; Jens Kidman did not perform vocals)

RATING: 8/10

In Flames at Revolution… Feb. 4, 2013

Been awhile everyone! Over the past year almost I got to see many bands and unfortunately I did not review them here on the Joscau Review. But times are a changin’ and I’m ready to start afresh. Many new shows coming up including 2 of my faves: Meshuggah next week in Orlando and Bon Jovi shortly too, So….

Luckily I got there right when the 3rd of 5 bands performed. I missed the local opener who I don’t know the name of or care about as well as Battlecross who I am not familiar with as well. The 3rd act was All Shall Perish. All Shall Perish are a deathcore band who are extremely generic but they sound tight and have some crushing riffs and breakdowns. The last opener was Demon Hunter. Demon Hunter remind me of a mix between Disturbed and any metalcore band. There heavier moments were good but could not makeup for thte Nickelback like crooning of their lead singer during softer moments.

So In Flames comes on. In Flames was one of the first “heavier” metal bands I listened to back in like 2000 and they introduced me really to death metal and especially the more melodic twin guitar attack side of it. There first 5-6 albums are just genre classics like Whoracle, Colony and The Jester Race. This is my 3rd time, well really 2nd time seeing them live. The 2nd doesnt count cause I caught like the last song on Ozzfest. I saw them first at House of Blues with a few other bands and it was awesome back in 2004ish. Their setlist was good. It ranged from older Colony based stuff through new albums. I personally don’t mind their newer stuff but its not that great.

RATING: 6/10

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Rammstein at Bank Atlantic Center… Apr. 20, 2012

Oh I have been wanting to see Rammstein live for the past 10 years. I have been listening to them way before that but just after seeing videos of their epic lives show there is no turning back. I found out about this show like 7 months ago and bought floor tix as soon as they were released. I ended up going with like ten other friends so that made it very special. Finally, finally on April 20, we go! We partied it up before the show, which is not something i do too normally but I was just soooo excited! The show was just epic. I was screaming like a lil’ girl the whole time they started! Rammstein put on a show that I have just never witnessed live before. It was just as I imagined with fire, smoke, a giant cock that shot bubbles, lights, it was just ammmmazing!!! They played everything I wanted to hear due to the fact that it was a greatest hits tour! I really couldn’t ask for anything better! Definitely top 5 shows, if not numero uno ever!!! 

  13. Encore:
  17. Encore 2:
    RATING: 10/10

Andrew WK at Revolution… April 7, 2012

So Andrew WK is someone I never really got into. I mean his music is simple riff heavy party anthems that just about any rocker can dig. I just never really gave him a chance. A friend of mine wanted to go see him live and I said yes. First off the dude had freaking 4 guitarists, just crazy but whatever. The set was fun. Nothing amazingly special but not bad. My friend got to go up on stage and “party hard” with Andrew which was awesome!!

  1. Encore:
  2. Encore 2:
  3. RATING: 4/10